Mode denim shorts summer 2013

ModeShort jeans (slightly threadbare) shorts with cuffs stylists offer us to wear with great cardigans, jackets and raincoats. A chief thing that a shorts were shorter coats.Excellent example of a style "sasual" shows us mode brand H & M.But it is equally well-shorts be nice with tucked in the whiteness shirts and jumpers to the waist.The traditional combination of whiteness, blue, gray and browned designers use to make a new classic.  Resembling articles:Fashion Polish vogue. Aryton: Premier Collection Fall 2012Vogue Autumn collection of big fashion for full figure gerlsStyle Get ready for summer: vogue accessories. Summer figgery: bags, scarves, sunglasses, Accessories. . . Читать полностью -->

Terms of home furnishing for the contemporary girl

VogueYou can speak at length about the size of what a house is for a modern girl 18 years old - hearth and home or just a put where you can spend the night and go back to the conquest of a world, but striving to upgrading any girl 18 years old not to put away. Currently we are visiting Thais Ivanova in Noginsk. Taisa loves skiing and scuba diving, but may not stand to cook, but the arrangement of your own home, of course, she was engaged.His story about buying a new rooms in the cabinet Taisa Ivanov with Noginsk begins: "I was just looking on the internet, went to a sites. I came to the conclusion that a most appropriate option of price / capacity will be the company "Ronikon."I was looking for a new home owner of two closets: one for wear, the other - for a usual. Alone in a hallway, and a other - in the hallway. Extremely comfortable niche allow a cabinet to stand right at the entrance to a bedroom, same a glove, and create room in a bedroom for other furniture."When was important for me, however that I could see all the details, all a options, then she has to append approximately details and stuff" - she continues.Future Taisa and her husband went to one of a stores, salons of the company, where you checked my eyes and saw a furniture, and ordered all the same on the internet. Читать полностью -->

Dark and White: New Year's Clothing 2012

FashionWhite and black, together and separately, are extremely relevant in this time. Select with dark super mini bright satin or white maxi air of chiffon. Style hit - a black-and-white patterns: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Ingenious be and animal print in black and whiteness. To the note that beastly theme - the tendency of a season. Sable gloves, black studs and dark boa will be good to you when you make an image of a New Year. This is a win-win item.  Resembling articles:Style Accessories for fashionistas:Style Mode evening clothes summer 2010Fashion Jewelry autumn: All things?. Читать полностью -->

Elegant Gerls's Jackets: Source 2011 Vogue for women

StyleAnd the style and design of jackets, parkas give finality garments ensemble. Due to its practicality and convenience jackets for a source time are the heads of a other models of garments.Paying homage to the classics, the spring 2012 collection of clothes, brings a sweet breath of novelty. Models for any taste: a classic model, sports, trendy. Contemporary jacket may accentuate the silhouette, to help distinguish the individual decor, to give you beautify a created image. Triggers a leisure of new advanced substances, with a diversity of convenient pockets, fitted with hoods, collars. To date, all online stores will propose the jackets for every tasting, age, sex and mode trends.  Same posts:Vogue Autumn collection of high vogue for full shape womenStyle Summer: Samples of the best outfitsMode Summer children's vogue: Mom and daughter: Stylish little family. Читать полностью -->

Boots, boots, ankle boots - for the start of source

StyleMore novel will be on the heel spring boots - a perfect! Stylists compete with any other in a bizarre shape of a heel, production a major bet on him. The unusual anatomy and bootlegs, but a sock can be both acute and rounded.Yet with sexy boots, stockings, perfectly accentuating a bod of women's legs big boots are relevant and practical, but at a same time chic demi boots to the knee.High heel - is not the only variation. On each day, perhaps, more suitable boots with wedge heels or apartment shoes.Leather lace-up boots - exactly a shoes that It is possible to wear the clothes in the "masculine" fashion. Be brutal and massive coarse boots. And if you wish glamor, but do not need to wear a "stud" - stop for a shiny sneakers! This may be an novel and interesting solution.  Alike articles:Fashion Women's summer clothes for every timeStyle Source Fashion: Coats and raincoatsStyle Graduation Party: Ideas outfitsWedding dresses. . Читать полностью -->

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