Vogue Nails Summer 2009: The colors of nail manicure

ModeIn this season's vogue pastel shades of nail polish. Luck may be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of a summer are considered mild pink, turquoise, berry and white. Lucky dark shades that were so popular finish winter, has get irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for any girl 18 years old translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classic white bloom returned and became more pop. He is able to make a nails are very bright. Читать полностью -->

Natural Nails Source 2012

VogueOrganic manicure - this trend has a careful put in a spring of 2012. Whether it's a manicure or makeup, organic colors - out of competition. This is understandable: the subtle shades of flesh, natural milk, lightness pink or pale peach flower is ever relevant, they blend harmoniously with a outfit. It is worth noting that a natural shades of nail most advantageous to look at a justly short nails almond form.Among a major trends - clear coat with a moderate luster, it is not too draws attention to the nails, but you be nice at the like time.  Resembling articles:Style Autumn fur: luxury finishesFashion Autumn Style: Key TrendsFashion After the holidays - in the office. . . Читать полностью -->

Massive dials: fancy watches women's watches 2011

ModeIn the study of vogue this year trends in watch design can be seen that preference is given to big round dials. In the autumn winter time collection 2009-2013, a decision is represented by such name-brand names same Armani, Benetton, Axcent, DKNY.Company Axcent, for example, in a design of any models departed with the ordinary dials with numbers, replacing them with ingenious serif, decorated with rhinestones.Guess in winter season 2011 assemblage paid attention to the clock, a main part of which is a round dial, made of shiny substance and trimmed with crystals Swarovski. Such models given a maximum striving is devoted to a assemblage. A watch is approachable in a different bloom palette, cases and straps are different colors, shapes and designs.The fashion brand Paco Rabbane in finishing just used that crystals, with a help creating unique model.  Like articles:Fashion Style Ornamentals Summer 2013 timeMode Panama hats made of felt, material, knitwearCaps and hats with ears (a la aviator)Knitted cap with a visorStyle Lightweight trench coats summer 2013 period. . . Читать полностью -->

Materials and supplies for bags

VogueOf course, with exceptional ease of fashion bags business should look elegant, so the substance from which you are made, must be of extremely high quality, and certainly not worth saving on a cost.Best version - comfortably-tanned calfskin, quite thick and is durable, but at the same time gentle and plastic. Patent skin bag or handbag of crocodile skin be nice, too. Suede bag is not too practical, however it's good to take a bag of big capacity synthetic skin trimmed with suede.By the method, bags done of imitation skin may be used if they are satisfied enough with skill and have a respectable face, visually practically no variant from genuine leather.These bags is good not to wear in winter time, however imitation skin does not tolerate temperature changes, frightened of frost, and a great bag can be covered with cracks. But in the source, summer and autumn fashionable and elegant leatherette bag is quite suitable for a elegant girl.What should be a figgery of bags? 1st of all, you need avoid excessive brightness and molestation: various chains, zaklepochek, multiple zippers and bright buckles. Properly, if a hardware on the bag of browned, sable, etc.Absolutely not suitable for a business dame model - gentle, without a clear form of bags with zipper fragile and unstable bottom. For example, a bag of soft leather, a contracting delicate lace top, looks more same a bag than a necessary accessory business lady.Collected and tucked into a metal frame semi-circular bag purse with a clasp in a configuration of shiny balls, too, is not suitable for a job or for a business meeting in a variant environment. Читать полностью -->

Collection fall 2013 mode footwear Habbot

ModeVivid expression fall shoe trends - a assemblage Habbot Fall-Winter period 2012/2012. Black-and-whiteness contrasts attract note with its retro-chic.Ankle boots with strap in a Oxford fashion heels of varying length and be equally impressive are sufficiently practical models, given that their noses and heel decorated with lacquered dark leather.In addition Habbot uses a combination of sable and cherry, chocolate brownness and gold.Lacquered sable skin Habbot connects with dark suede. Preference is given to a simple and conservative styles. A general focus - the union of various textures and colors however good however patterned inserts.This fall, you can safely opt for the boots of a series of "simple and tasteful," which includes not alone the collection Habbot, but also in many other shoe brands.Equally important are looked high boots placement shoes and boots on a big but comfortable heel. When using the effectual material and a reprint a reference to women's inmoment.ru reserved.  Like posts:Vogue Autumn style collection. With the simple - to glamStyle Summer Styles for donutsVogue Gallery autumn vogue shoes. . Читать полностью -->

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