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FashionIn the study of style this year trends in watch design may be seen that preference is given to large round dials. In a autumn winter time collection 2009-2012, the solution is represented by such name-mark names like Armani, Benetton, Axcent, DKNY.Company Axcent, for example, in a design of any models departed with the usual dials with numbers, replacing them with ingenious serif, decorated with rhinestones.Guess in winter 2010 assemblage paid attention to the clock, a general part of which is a round dial, done of shiny material and trimmed with crystals Swarovski. Such models given the maximum striving is devoted to a assemblage. A watch is free in a various flower palette, cases and straps are different colors, shapes and designs.A fashion brand Paco Rabbane in finishing just used that crystals, with your help creating unique model.  Alike articles:Fashion All things: Fashion Figgery Fall TimeFashion Summer vacationMode Styles summer sundresses.

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